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Dr. Sung J. Hong is an American Board Certified Prosthodontist, a Fellow of the International Congress of Implantologists, and a



Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists. ...read more



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I learned of Dr. Hong through a very special friend who is extremely careful about her health in general and her dental health especially -- because of dental problems in her past. I do not live in California, but I visit here regularly as part of my work-related travel. I needed some dental work during one of these visits to California, and my friend recommended Dr. Hong. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of treatment I received! The dental hygienist provided what was by far the most complete and effective cleaning/check up I have ever experienced. I have known for a long time that I am getting older, and my teeth needed significant amount of work. After the cleaning, Dr. Hong inspected my teeth and made the most professional suggestions for my necessary dental work. Previous dentists had solved one isolated dental problem without consideration of the more global implications to my overall dental structure and function. I have a PhD in engineering, and Dr. Hong explained what work needed to be done in terms that made perfect bioengineering sense. He explained the general mechanics of chewing and how various aspects of the teeth and their arrangement acheive optimal results. I asked Dr. Hong to do the dental work he recommended, and now chewing is comfortable and effective for me! As a result of his excellant work, my dental system is better than ever before in my life.

Melvin M.